How to add an asset Items to store? RP-20333

Asset Management  

Asset items can be added to store through 'Add Asset Items to Store' page under Asset Management module

Masters like Asset Store, Asset Category and Asset Item must be created before adding a new item to the store. Asset ID will be auto generated based on the category and item, can be entered manually if required. Depends on the the Number of Items entered that many items will be added to stock and the Asset ID will be same to all the number of items entered.

Asset item can be directly allocated to employee while adding to store or can be allocated later from the store through Asset Allocation or Deallocation page.

If 'Employee Acceptance Required' option is selected then until the employee accept the item the status of the item will be 'Acceptance Pending'. Employee can accept the item through the 'My Accountability' page under ESS->Official



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