How to assign Shift to an Employee? RP-20007


This is to assign Shift to an Employee thru the ' Assign Shift to employee' page under Personnel Attendance module.

Attendance -> Assign Shift to employee

By default while creating new employee the organization shift will get automatically assigned to this employee.

Assign Shift to employee page can be used to change the shift of selected employees.

Select the organization, employees, shift status and click the search button to list the employees or one employee. This lists the employees in the below grid,

these employee current shift can be viewed by clicking the view icon from the grid.

New Shift can be assigned by selecting shift change required employees; mark the assign shift details like shift, from date and expected end date and click on the save button.

If no shift exists on the selected data range then it will get affected on save. If shift already exists on the change requested date range and if there are no transactions like attendance or timesheets then it will get affected. If any transaction exists on the selected date range then it will not allow modifying the current shift.

Already assigned shifts can be deleted if no transaction like attendance or timesheet exists for that date range.

Click below link to view create Assign Shift to employee Video:


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