How to claim an expense thru the Expense Claim module? RP-20121

Expense Claim  

New Expense Cliam details can be entered thru the 'Expense Cliam' page under Expense Cliam module.

Expense Cliam -> Expense Claim

Reimbursement required claims can be done thru expense claim; employee has options to select main fields like Nature of Claim, Company, Expense Incurred Date and Attachment from this page. The ‘Pre-approved’ selection will be enabled for Business Travel to select the pre-approved business travel process. In pre-approved business travel list only the travels which are not claimed earlier will be listed. If it is repeated claim then select ‘Repeated claim’. ‘Repeated claim’ selection will enable a button to popup and select already claimed business travel request. In case of Business Travel each employee in Business Travel can request claims separately. The Ref # is an auto generated number.

In the expense claim request grid, you can see the attachments icon by clicking the attachment icon, a popup page with attachments list will open. Payment Details like Original Document Required, Document Received Date and Payment Date are captured under Expense Claim Payment Details area depends on the permission set for the panel.

User can add business travel allowance/per diem details by clicking the ‘Add/Edit Daily Allowance’ button. User can add expense claim details by clicking the ’Add/Edit Claim Details’ button.

The saved claims will be available under Expense Claim Manual For Approval page for the approval of the claims.

Click below link to view create Expense Claim Video:


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