How to create a New Employee or Manage existing employee in the system? RP-4

Personnel Administration  

New Employee details can be entered through the 'Create New Employee' page under Personnel Administration module.

Personnel Administration -> Create New Employee

Existing employee details can be searched and managed through the 'Personnel Information' page under Personnel Administration module

Personnel Administration -> Personnel Information

There are six different stages of information’s captured during the employee creation, they are:

  1. Employee Details
  2. Contracts & Benefits
  3. Contact Details
  4. Dependant Details
  5. Document Details
  6. Finance Details


1. Employee Details

Employee’s basic information’s are captured in this stage. Employee Name details are captured under Employee Identification Information area. First Name is a mandatory field.

Existing employee details can be managed by searching the employee by employee number or employee name.

Employee Organization related information are captured under Organization Related Information area. Fields like Organization, Current Nationality, Original Nationality and Join Date are mandatory here. The login user can create new employees under the login users permitted companies organizations; Report To mapping also based on login employees permitted companies employees.

Employee’s probation details can be entered under Probation Details area. By default it will be Join Date + 90 days.

Other details of employees like Date of Birth, Marital Status, Religion, Gender, sponsor, etc are captured in Other Details area. Date of Birth field is mandatory here.

While creating new employee Employee Number can be either entered manually or if it is not entered manually then creates automatically by highest employee number of selected company + 1 on Save & Next button click. In case of managing the existing employee, the employee number can not be modified. Employee Number is a unique number.


2. Contracts  & Benefits

Employee’s contracts and Benefits details are captured in this stage. Contract Start Date, Contract Period, Nearest airport in Employee’s country, Nearest Airport in Working Country, Current work location, Number of Tickets and Exit Re-entry in contract period are the main contract details captured under Contract Details area.

Employee’s profile related information’s are captured under Profile Area. The main fields under this area are Employment type, Grade profile, Package profile, Leave profile, position, grade, Employment status and medical category. For family status employees family eligibility details also captured.

Employee’s benefits and deduction details are captured under Benefits area. The benefits are listed based on the selected profile and grade. The benefits or deductions value capturing will be based on the selected attributes type either from the formula set in attribute level or by entering the value manually here.


3. Contact Details
Employee’s contact details are captured in this stage. Different types of contact types can be selected or managed.  Already saved information’s are listed on above grid and can be edited.


4. Dependant Details
Dependant details of the Employee can be managed under this stage. Dependants Name, age, relationship details and different eligibility details are mapped here.  The eligibility is validated against employee’s contract eligibility.


5. Document Details
Employee’s or dependants documents details can be managed under this stage. Document information, expiry information and alert information’s are captured here. The documents can be renewed from here or thru government relation request.


6. Finance  Details
Here the pre-settings of employee Attendance, Timesheet and Payroll are managed here under this stage.

Based on the settings the attendance import, timesheet normal and overtime generation and employee payroll selections are processed. 'Eligible for HRA Advance' option can be selected if the employee is eligible for HRA allowance advance.

The 'Mandatory Data for Payroll' status bar on top of the page indicates the employee data ready % for the payroll process. If the data is not 100% ready then click on the red bar shows the mandatory missing fields. 'Approve for Payroll' selection will be enabled only when the payroll data is 100% mapped.

Click below link to view Create New Employee Video:

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