How to create or manage holiday calendar? RP-20296


Holiday calendar can be managed through the 'Manage Holiday Calendar' page under Timesheet module.

Timesheet->Settings->Manage Holday Calendar

Single Holiday calendar settings can be used for different years. There are 3 section available in a holiday calendar data 1) calendar code and name 2) calendar year and ramadan period 3) holidays in the calendar year. Any of the available holiday calendar can be assigned to employees through the Finance Details page under Personnel Administration module.

New calendar can be created by defining a code and description. First has to select the year, Ramadan from date and Ramadan To date in the selected year and add to the caledar. After that the holidays in the year can be added by selecting the holiday type and holiday period.

Every year, the ramada period and holiday details can be added to existing holiday calendars by editing the calendar from the grid.

The ramadan shift timings are taken for the employees based on the ramadan period defined in the holiday calendar. The holidays define in holiday calendar are automatically reflected in timesheet and leave request.

Click below link to view create Manage Holday Calendar Video:


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