How to do the Employee Probation confirmation? RP-6

Personnel Administration  

Employee Probation confirmation can be updated manually in the system through the 'Employee Probation Confirmation' page under Personnel Administration module.

Personnel Administration -> Employee Probation Confirmation

Based on the selection criteria pending probation confirmation employees will be listed. 

Employees’ probation can be confirmed by selecting the Regularization option or can be extended by selecting the Extension option or send to separation process by selecting the Applicable for Separation option. For extensions the Extension days are mandatory and if required remarks also can be given.

During regularization the ‘Is Under Probation Period’ flag under Personnel Information page will get updated. During Extension the ‘End of Probation Period’ will get extended. The probation extended employees will appear in the next search result. 

Click below link to view create Employee Probation Confirmation Video:


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