How to process Employee Separation thru workflow? RP-20255


New Work Flow details can be entered thru the 'Employee Separation' page under Work Flow module.

New Request -> Employee Separation

The processes of separating an employee by doing the exit interview, demobilization clearance, calculate the end of service benefits and final settlement process can be done thru this workflow.

What all details the Requestor has to enter in Employee Separation?

  1. Requested For 
  • Select the Separation required employee
  • Employees in the dropdown is binding based on login user’s organization permission and the direct subordinates of login user
  1. Separation Type
  • Select the Separation Type
  • Separation Types are binding in the dropdown based on the permission set in the master settings
  1. Separation Reasons
  • Select the reason for separation
  • This is Master settings data
  1. Separation Initiate Date - Select the Date in which the separation is requested/initiated
  2. Separation Date - Select the Date in which the employee should be separated
  3. Notice Period Days - Displayed from the employee details
  4. Violating Notice Period  
  • This will be Yes / No based on condition
  • If Difference between Separation Date and Separation Initiate Date is less than Notice Period Days then it will be ‘Yes’ else ‘No’
  1. Waive Notice Period
  • This is conditionally enabled if Violation Notice Period is ‘Yes’
  • This option is to exclude or include the notice period violation days from service days
  1. Reference Document - To add attachment if required
  2. Additional Info - Enter additional information if required

What is the role of Approver task owners in Employee Separation?

The Approver task owners have to verify and approve or rework based on the permission. The approval tasks may be different for different clients.

Other Functionalities to do by other tasks owners are given below; but it may not exists for all clients:

  1. Exit Interview task – capture the exit interview details:
  • Exit Interview Status
  • Conducted or Not Conducted
  • If Interview Conducted then
  • Fill the interview details
  • Questionnaire details - Questionnaire is from the master settings
  1. Clearance task – here the clearance of items or vehicles used by the employee are done. Based on the clearance category permission (master settings) the task owners have to clear the items. There are four clearance tasks based on the categories, they are:
  • IT
  • Admin
  • HR
  • Finance
  1. Final Settlement task – here the ESB calculation and final settlement are done. In ESB Calculation below are calculated:
  • The ESB benefits calculated as per separation type settings
  • The vacation amount is calculated for pending leave eligibility
  • If payroll is not processed for the separation date period then the payroll will be calculated here from 1st of the month to separation date and the payroll will be finalized for that month. This month’s payroll calculation will not happens during payroll process
  • All the outstanding feeds also will be taken during calculation
  • If any amount to keep hold, then these amount can be entered under withholdings area
  • On Save click these information’s will get saved

The saved ESB amount will appear in Final Settlement page. If Bank Loan linked account then company must inform bank about the release of the employee and update in system.

  1. GR Executive task – this task is for non local employees only to do the visa and exit re-entry processing
  2. Payment task – this is for the cashier to do the payment if exits
  3. Update task – this is the last task to update the separation details in employee personnel information and complete the workflow

On completion of employee separation workflow below updates happens and some are based on separation date:

  • If payment exists then a final settlement feed will get generated under Pay through ERP for payment
  • If the separation date is a past date then the employee personnel information details like HR Status, Reason for Resignation/Termination, Resignation/Termination Date and Payment Hold gets updated 
  • If the separation date is not past date then the employee personnel information like HR Status, Reason for Resignation/Termination, Resignation/Termination Date and Payment Hold gets updated only on mid night of Employee Separation Date through the SQL job configured in server
  • Workflow will be completed

How can the requestor or approver attach the required documents in Employee Separation?

The attachments can be added in employee separation request page or thru the common attachment option available in the Action History area.

What are the tasks available in Employee Separation workflow?

There are many functional and approval tasks available in Business Travel. The task list is added in the process view.

Who all can request the Employee Separation?

Employee or permitted user can request Separation request for self or for any permitted employees.

When the Final Settlement Feed generated and how to mark the payment?

On Final Settlement task completion the final settlement feed will be generated under pay through ERP. Once the payment is done this entry can be marked as Paid thru Pay through ERP page under Payroll module.

What is the Business Rule of Employee Separation?

The Business Rule describes the employee separation tasks, actions of each task, description of each and the next task owner. 

Click below link to view create Employee Separation Video: