How to publish existing reports or modified reports in the system? RP-20149

System Admin  

Manage RDLC report page is used to manage all published RDLC reports in the application or download and publish the modified reports.

System Admin-> Manage RDLC Reports -> Manage RDLC report

Following are the options available under this menu.

  1. Edit existing reports
  2. Delete existing reports
  3. Download and modify existing reports
  4. Upload modified reports
  5. Publish new reports

You can download existing reports RDLC file and can do changes as per your requirements. Once changes were done, then can again upload and overwrite the existing report file.

Publish new reports option is for the application developer to create and publish new reports, the report file will get published and saved in reports forlder automatically. This option is not for the admin or user.

Click below link to view create Manage RDLC report Video:


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