How to Rehire X-Employee in the system? RP-7

Personnel Administration  

When the company rehire an old employee whose details exists in the system; then the New Employee Creation process is not required to do again. Instead do the rehire steps to activate the separated employee through the 'ESB Employee Rejoining' page under Personnel Administration module.

Personnel Administration -> ESB Employee Rejoining

Search the Separated employee; based on the selection criteria employee will be listed for rehire in the below grid.

Select the employee, enter the ‘Rejoin Date’ and approve by clicking on ‘Approve’ button.

On Approval the following fields in ‘Personnel Information’ will get updated automatically and the employee becomes active:

  1. HR Status will be updated as ‘Active’
  2. ‘Reason for Resignation/Termination’ and ’Resignation /Termination Date’ will be update according to the HR status
  3. The Join/Re-Hire date will be updated as the ‘Rejoin date’
  4. New contract will get created with new contract period and maintain the old contractual information’s exists
  5. New Leave settlement record with 0 opening balance will gets created with Join Date.
  6. If the employee eligible for Ticket or Exit Re-entry then those eligibility will also get created.

Click below link to view create ESB Employee Rejoining Video:


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