How to request a Government Relation thru workflow? RP-20256


New Work Flow details can be entered thru the 'Government Relations' page under Work Flow module.

New Request -> Government Relations

Reimbursement required claims can be done thru expense claim.

What all details the Requestor has to enter in Government Relations request?

  1. Company - Company Selection
  2. Requested For 
  • Workflow request is for selection:
  • Company
  • Employee
  • Other
  1. Employee
  • Select the Requested For Employee from dropdown
  • It lists the employee details and dependants details in the below. Dependants can be selected if it applicable for dependants
  • Enable only if the Requested For is Employee
  1. Personal Request
  •  Indication for Personal Request
  •  Enable only if the Requested For is Employee
  1. Request Type
  • Select what type of Government Relation request is required to process
  • Enable only if the Requested For is Employee and Company
  1. Original Documents Required
  • This area will be listed only if the original document required is mapped in the Service Requests master settings
  • Here the original document required for the government relations request can be identified and selected upon receipt
  • Current ownership of the original document is also listed in the grid and the current owner ship can changed to company or employee by  clicking the icon available in the grid against each document
  1.  Payment Capture

Required payment for the request can be entered here, if any:

  • Charged For 
  • Select the purpose of payment
  • Charged To - Select the Amount Charged To; Employee or Company
  • Amount -  Enter the payment amount
  • Remarks -  If any 

 Any number of payments can be entered here

Who all can do the Government Relations Request?

Employee or allowed user can request government relations request for self or for any permitted employee.

What is the role of Approver and Update task owners?

The Approver task owners have to verify and approve the request and can add the payment details if required.

Verify Documents and Assign Task owner will verify that all the required documents are available to proceed; send for Payment, if any payment required for the process and assign the task to the concerned team member.

The last two task owners like Process the GR Request task owner and Update and Deliver Document task owner can prepare the required letter thru letters and certificated page and can update the renewed document details in the system and can also add the required payment details.

How can the requestor or approvers attach the required documents in the Government Relations Request?

The attachments can be added in Government Relations workflow thru the common attachment option available in the Action History area.

What are the tasks available in Government Relations workflow?

There are many functional and approval tasks available in expense claim. The task list is added in the process view. Refer: Process View Sample image; actual may be different based on the task configuration

When the cost charged to employee Feed generated?

Once the Government relations workflow is completed the cost charged to employee feed will be generated under payroll.

Who will pay the payment requirement added in the request for the process?

The payment requirement added in the request will be paid by the cashier and if that is charged to employee then on completion of the workflow a deduction feed for that employee will be generated and it will be deducted from employee in the next payroll process.

What is the Business Rule of Government Relations?

The Business Rule describes the government relations workflow tasks, actions of each task, description of each and the next task owner. 

Click below link to view create Government Relations Video:


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