How to request a Leave thru workflow? RP-20248


New Work Flow details can be entered thru the 'Leave Process' page under Work Flow module.

New Request -> Leave Process

What all details the Requestor has to enter in leave request?

  1. Requested For  -  Select the Leave Request for employee
  2. Leave Type   -  Any type of permitted leave can be requested by selecting the Leave Type
  3. Leave Category  - Different categories are: In Kingdom, Out Kingdom, and Out Kingdom with Dependants(will be able to select the dependants travelling)
  4. Leave Start Date  - The date from which the Leave is required
  5. Rejoining Date  -  The date in which the employee rejoin back from leave
  6. Is Exit/Re-entry Required, if Out Kingdom category -    Exit/Re-entry visa required for the leave
  7. IS Ticket Required  - Air Ticket required for the leave
  8. Destination Airport, if Ticket required   - Ticket required up to which airport  
  9. Contact Details During Vacation  - Contact information during leave period
  10. Position Covered By, only for required leave types -  Select the employee who will cover the position during the vacation; visible based leave settings

What are the breakup details available in Leave Request?

The breakup details available for the below up on hyperlink/icon click:

  1. Leave Type  - Details of Opening Balance, Settlement, Rejoins
  2. Ticket/ERE Eligibility  - Details of Ticket and Exit Re-entry visa eligibility
  3. Accountability - Details of the assets allocated to employee
  4. Leave Balance as of Date  - Breakdown of Leave eligibility details as of Today and as of Leave start date
  5. Requested Leave Days - Breakup of Leave Requested Days
  6. Last 3 completed Process  -  Details of last 3 Leave completed process
  7. View Employee Leave Profile Settings -Details of Employee Leave Profile settings
  8. Leave History  - Details of selected leave type’s leave history
  9.  Notifications area breakup details for:
  • Leave Coinciding or Overlapping with another employee in same Department
  • Is Multiple ERE expiring before/during Leave Period
  1. Payment Details, If permitted to view for Requestor
  • Leave Payment
  • Breakup of Leave Payment Amount
  • Payroll Salary Advance Payment
  • Breakup of Payroll Salary Advance Payment Amount, from 1st of the month to previous day of leave start date
  1. Ticket Utilization and ERE Utilization
  • Ticket utilization link enable on Ticket Booking task to mark the Ticket eligibility utilization
  • ERE utilization link enable on Visa/Exit Re-entry task to mark the ERE eligibility utilization
  1.  Leave Computation Report, from 2nd task onwards

Who all can do the Leave Request?

Employee or Admin can request Leave for self or for any permitted employee.

How can the requestor attach the required documents along with the leave request?

The attachments can be added in leave request thru the Attachment option available in the request and rejoin pages OR thru the common attachment option available in the Action History area.

What is Leave Request and Leave Rejoin in Leave Process?

The full Leave Process got two sections one is Leave Request and other one is Leave Rejoin. The Leave request will complete once all the request approvals are completed and the current task reaches ‘Employee Rejoin Confirmation – Requestor’ task. The Rejoin tasks are not required for the past leave request, that means the leave end date is less than today. So for past leave the workflow will complete once the requests tasks are completed.

The ‘Employee Rejoin Confirmation - Requestor’ task has to submit once the employee returns back to duty from leave, the future date are not accepted in Rejoin.

What are the tasks available in Leave Process workflow?

           There are many functional and approval tasks available in Leave process. The task list is added in the process view.

Who can change the paid days to absent/unpaid days?

In Leave request HR Manager can split the paid days as unpaid or absent days. In Rejoin Last task owner HR Personnel can split the paid days as unpaid or absent days

When the Leave Payment will be generated?

Once the leave request is completed leave payment and payroll advance salary payment feeds will be generated.

Leave settlement amount adjustment option available?

The leave payment adjustment amount entry option available for required clients. This adjustment entered amount will reflect in the final leave payment amount.

How the Leave Payment generated can be released?

Through the ‘Approve for ERP Payment’ menu option the Payment amount can be approved and submitted for ERP payment. So this amount will appear under ‘Pay through ERP’ menu under Payroll module to release.

What is the Business Rule of Leave Process?

The Business Rule describes the Leave Process workflow tasks, actions of each task, description of each and the next task owner. 

How to cancel a requested leave process?

The leave requests which are already submitted and not started the Rejoin task (Not submitted the ‘Employee Rejoin Confirmation – Requestor’ task) can be cancelled thru Leave Cancellation option. Once the rejoin process started then it can not be cancelled. The cancelled leave’s eligibility can be reused.

Is it possible to request multiple leave requests before rejoin?

Multiple Leave request for one employee with the same leave type can be done before rejoining the previous leave request if the request tasks (all approval) are approved and completed (current task is rejoin task or above)

If there are two leave process of same leave type for one employee are in-progress then is it possible to rejoin the higher date leave process before rejoining the lower date request?

No, lower date leave request must rejoin first (for e.g. there are two leave requests one is on 10-Sep-2016 and another on 20-Sep-2016, in this case user must rejoin the 10-Sep-2016 leave request first)

Leave request are not allowed to request before the date of approved leave opening balance date or rejoined date or approved settlement date of same leave type, same employee.

Employee cannot request any leave which is overlapping any other leave requests of same employee.

Click below link to view create Leave Process Video:


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