How to request a Letter or Certificate thru workflow? RP-20251


New Work Flow details can be entered thru the 'Letter and Certificate' page under Work Flow module.

New Request -> Letter and Certificate

What all details the Requestor has to enter in Letter and Certificate request?

  1. Requested For - Select the Employee for Letter request
  2. Company - Select the Company from where the Letter required
  3. Letter Type - Select the Letter Type from dropdown like Letters or Memos
  4. Letter/Certificates Category - Select the Letter Category from the dropdown like Salary Certificate, Profession Change Letter, etc
  5. Employee Name As Per - Option to select the Employee Name printed in the letter is as per the Name in the system or as per the Iqama name entered in the system
  6. Job Title/Position As per - Option to select the Position printed in the letter is as per the position in the system or as per the Iqama position entered in the system
  7. Sample Copy of Letter can be attached in the Attachments section; comments can also be added through the Comments section which are avilable under the 'Action History' area

Who all can do the Letter and Certificate request?

Employee or Admin can request letter and certificate for self or for any permitted employee.

What is the role of Approver task owners and Deliver document task owner?

The Approver task owners have to approve the request. The Deliver Document task owner has to enter/select the required details, print the document, deliver to the requestor and attach the soft copy.

The details to be entered or selected are:

  1. Letter/Certificate Reports - Select the Report to be printed
  2. Category - Select the Salary Information to be taken from Personnel Information or From Processed Payroll
  3. Payroll Period - If the salary information is from Payroll then select from which payroll period salary information
  4. Signed By - Select the Letter to be signed Employee from dropdown
  5. Signed by Name / Signed by Designation - This is the Signed By Employee details. If required can be modified here to appear in the letter both English and Arabic details
  6. View Letter button - View Letter button click will show the generated letter in popup page, this can be printed or export to word or pdf formats

How can the requestor attach the required documents along with the Letter and Certificate?

The attachments can be added in letter and certificate request page or thru the common attachment option available in the Action History area.

What are the tasks available in Letter and Certificate?

There are many functional and approval tasks available in expense claim. The task list is added in the process view.

What is the Business Rule of Letter and Certificate?

The Business Rule describes the letter and certificate workflow tasks, actions of each task, description of each and the next task owner.

Click below link to view create Letter and Certificate Video:


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