How to request for an Allowance / Deduction thru workflow? RP-20244


New Work Flow details can be entered thru the 'Additional Allowance/Deduction Entry Request' page under Work Flow module.User can request for allowance or deduction entry for approval thru this workflow.

New Request -> Additional Allowance/Deduction Entry Request

How to enter a Penalty from settings?

Penalty can be created thru this workflow by using the penalty settings defined in the master or by manually entering the penalty value or amount.

Below are the steps for creating by using settings master data:

  1. Enter the penalty rules in the settings master thru ‘Additional Allowance/Deduction Entry Calculation Settings’ page under Payroll->Settings. Refer the ‘Calculation Settings’ image.
  2. Open ‘Additional Allowance/Deduction Entry Request’ workflow
  3. Search and Select Employee/s
  4. Select the Applicable Payroll Period and Entry Type
  5. Select the Calculation Value Type as ‘As Per Settings’. Select the required Calculation Value Settings, this is listed from the master list
  6. Add the record
  7. Repeat the steps 3-7 for required employees

Below are the steps for creating by using manual entry:

  1. Open ‘Additional Allowance/Deduction Entry Request’ workflow
  2. Search and Select Employee/s
  3. Select the Applicable Payroll Period and Entry Type
  4. Select the Calculation Value Type as ‘Manual Entry’
  5. Select the required Calculation By
  6. Select the Paying/Deducting Group
  7. Add the record
  8. Repeat the steps 2-7 for required employees

There are different types of Entry Types:

  1. Benefits – this is to add allowance entries
  2. Deductions – this is to add deduction entries
  3. Warning Letter – this is to issue warning letters, so zero amount will be generated and user can create letters and attach against the employee by using the below grid options

Paying/Deducting Group listing rule:

The Paying/Deducting Group drop down values will be listed based on the groups permitted for the login user’s roles. This is mapped thru ‘Role and Attribute Mapping’ image

Calculation Value Settings listing rule:

The Calculation Value Settings data drop down values will be listed based the Login user’s permitted roles mapped groups in the calculation settings

After the entries are completed submit the workflow. The number of approval tasks depends on the client requirements, in this there are 3 tasks exists for this workflow. Approval of the Third task completes the workflow.

Once the workflow is completed payroll transaction feeds will be generated to include in payroll process.

How to add Penalty Master Settings?

               Payroll -> Settings -> Additional Allowance/Deduction Entry Calculation Settings

Admin can manage penalty master data here to appear in the workflow for selection.

How to Map Role and Attribute Group?

               Payroll -> Settings -> Role wise Attribute Group Settings for Feed Entry

Admin can map what all benefits or deductions to allow for each role. This can be managed thru this page.

Click below link to view create Additional Allowance/Deduction Entry Request Video:


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