How to Set Location-wise Mobile Attendance Punch Restrictions? RP-30355

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How to Set Location wise Mobile Attendance Punch Restrictions?

  1. Navigate to the 'Configure Attendance Location Restrictions' page within the 'Settings' section.
  2. Enable location-based punch restrictions by checking the 'Enable location-based punch restriction' checkbox.
  3. Specify the allowable proximity in meters for attendance punches by entering values in the 'How Close Must Employees Be to the Scheduled Location?' field. Punches recorded beyond this specified range will be flagged as outside the acceptable distance.
  4. Optionally, to prevent punches from locations outside the specified range, select the 'Prevent punches from outside scheduled location' checkbox. This ensures that punches recorded beyond the designated range will not be accepted.
  5. Define punch locations on the same page under the 'Locations' section by providing the location address, latitude, and longitude. Set the acceptable range for punches at each location in meters. Note that if a distance of 0 meters is specified, the distance from the 'Settings' section will be used for validation.
  6. Assign punch restrictions to employees based on projects or individual employees. Under the 'Location Mapping' tab on the same page:
  • For project-wise restrictions, select the 'Type' as 'Project' from the dropdown menu. Choose the relevant project from the 'Assigned To' dropdown. Use the checkboxes to select applicable punch locations for the chosen project. This automatically applies restrictions to employees associated with the mapped project.
  • For individual employee restrictions, select the 'Type' as 'Employee' from the dropdown. Choose the desired employee details from the 'Assigned To' dropdown. Use the checkboxes next to each listed location to select applicable ones for the selected employee.

Once these settings are configured, the mobile attendance punch system will enforce the specified restrictions based 


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