How to set overtime factors for Working Days, Holidays and Compensatory leave against overtime? RP-20330


Overtime factors and setting for Working days, Holidays and Compensatory leave against overtime can be set through the 'Cost Factor' settings page under Timesheet module

Overtime factor and settings can be set in Grade profile level based on:

  • based on grade
  • based on basic amount
  • based on net amount

Overtime settings like below can be set:

  • Overtime Factors can be set for Normal working day OT Factor and Holidays OT Factor
  • Days in overtime period can be set based on 'Calendar Days' or 'Fixed Days'.
  • Per day hours can be set based on 'Fixed Hours' or 'Shift Hours'
  • Overtime Numerators for overtime amount calculation

Overtime hours utilization against compensatory leave settings can be set:

  • Half day and Full day leave eligibility against overtime hours can be set for Working days, Weekend/off days, Holidays amd Ramadan days
  • Excess leave hours carryforward setting
  • Non utilized compensatory leave lapse settings
  • Limit setting for maximum compensatory leave eligibility

Click below link to view How to set overtime factors for Working Days and Holidays Video:


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