How to set the task owner if no task owner to execute the next task? RP-20147

System Admin  

If there is no task owners to execute the next task, then on workflow task submission a message ‘There is no task owner to execute the next task(s), an alert has been send to the system admin and the current task owner’ will be shown below the workflow summary page.

The workflows next task owner is not automatically getting assigned due to many reasons, like:

  • The next task owner does not have the role permission
  • The next task owner does not have the requested for employees organization permission
  • There is no HOD assigned for the requested for employees department
  • The Requested for employee does not have a Reporting To (IS)

Thru ‘Manage Orphan Task’ page the task owner can be assigned:

System Admin -> Workflow Management  -> Mange Orphan Tasks

  1. Assign user to ‘Next Task’, the task owner based on the reason, in this page select the orphan task and set any of the below permission:
  • Assign role permission to users
  • Set Organization permission to roles
  • Set Organization HOD
  • Set Reporting To / IS
  1. Assign the orphan task to the newly assigned user from the list

Click below link to view create Mange Orphan Tasks Video:



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