How to share the running workflow process with other user? RP-20129

System Admin  

Shared workflow history can be viewed thru ‘View Workflow Shared History’ page unser System Admin module.

System Admin-> Workflow Management -> Settings -> Share Workflows

Select the ‘Pending Workflows’, ‘Running Processes’ and ‘Select Workflows’. This will list all Running workflows for selected criteria. Select required process from the list.

Select the Assign To employee from the employee selection popup page. If required, can share this process for a selected date period only by selecting ‘Schedule Sharing’, this selection will prompt for Start Date and End Date. Save will list the shared workflow details in below ‘Shared Task List’ grid.

How to remove the Sharing?

  1. Multiple deletion by selecting the processes and clicking delete button
  2. Individual deletion by clicking the delete icon in the grid

How to Share Active Employees process with other user?

Active Employees Workflow process also can be shared by selecting ‘Active Employees’; search and select the employee from the list. Rest of the steps is same as above. Active Employees Future Process can be shared by selecting the ‘Future Process’ and the workflow process from the list. In Active Employees process also can be shared.

Click below link to view create Share Workflows Video:


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