How to Transfer an employee or a set of employees from one organization to another? RP-8

Personnel Administration  

Transfer an employee or a set of employees from one organization to another can be done through the 'Employee Re-assignment / Transfer' page under Personnel Administration module.

Personnel Administration -> Employee Re-assignment / Transfer

Based on the selection criteria employees will be listed in the ‘Select employees’ grid under Source Details area. Select the transfer required employees from the list. 

Choose the Destination Organization from the Destination Details area, apart from the default destination details can select the specified location, shift, timesheet project or Reporting To employee. Clicking the Add button will move the selected employees to selected employees list.

Once the required employees are selected click on Save button to save the details for confirmation. 

The confirmation pending transfer will list under the Employee Re-assignment History grid with ‘Confirmation Pending’ status. 

How to confirm the employee transfer to take effect?

Click on the Confirm icon from the pending list, it prompts to select Transfer requested employee, Effective date and reason. After selecting the details click on Confirm button to take effect. 

If the effective date is not a future date then take effect on confirmation button click itself. If it is future date then this will get effective on specific date based on the SQL job configured in the server.

Click below link to view create Employee Re-assignment / Transfer Video:


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