What are the Employee Self Service Official activities available for the login user? RP-20299

Employee Self Service  

The list of activities which can be accessed by log in user from the ESS module are, this may vary depends on the modules licensed:

Employee Self Services->Official

  1. Employee Contacts
  2. Payslip
  3. Change Password
  4. My Accountability
  5. View Requested Letter / Certificates
  6. Expense Claim Details Search
  7. Vacation Calculator
  8. Manage Exceptional Entry
  9. Employee Payroll Feed Transactions
  10. Employee Advance History
  11. ESS Dashboard
  12. My Attendance
  1. Employee Contacts

User can search and view the contact details of active employees within the company. Multiple search conditions can be applied.

Click below link to view Employee Contacts Video:

  1. Payslip

Log in users pay slip can be viewed for any processed pay roll period as report. The Payslip can be viewed only for the permitted users.

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  1. Change Password

User can change his login password at any point of time. Provide old, new and confirm new password to change to new password.

Click below link to view update Change Password Video:

  1. My Accountability

The assets and vehicles assigned to the login user can be viewed here. Also the acceptance required assets also will list here to get approved by the user.

Click below link to view My Accountability Video:

  1. View Requested Letter / Certificates

View the details of requested letters / certificates related to the login user.

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  1. Expense Claim Search

Expense Claims Details of the login user can search and view in this form. Various search conditions have been provided to search the details.

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  1. Vacation Calculator

Login users Vacation balance as on selected date, previous vacation details and eligibility details can be viewed thru this page. Previous Leave Details and Ticket and Exit Re-entry eligibility can be viewed on popup by clicking the respective buttons.

Click below link to view Vaccation Calculator Video:

  1. Manage Exceptional Entry

Employee’s less hours or absent days attendance can be entered here. This entries required approval. Employee can edit or delete the Not Approved records

Click below link to view create Manage Exceptional Entry Video:

  1. Employee Payroll Feed Transactions

All the payroll feed transactions entered in the system like addition / deduction of login user can be viewed here.

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  1. Employee Advance History

Used to view the details of different types of Advances (Loan, Salary Advance, etc.) the login user has taken.

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  1. ESS Dashboard

User can view employee related status and information’s in graphical representation for easy understanding. The information’s are shown in different dashboard style.

Click below link to view ESS Dashboard Video:


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