What are the functionalities available under Personnel menu? RP-20304

Employee Self Service  

The list of activities which can be accessed by log in user from the ESS module are:

Employee Self Services->Personnel

  1. Personnel Details
  2. Dependants
  3. Contact Details
  4. Documents -> Document Details
  1.  Personnel Details

Login users all personal information can be viewed in read-only mode in this form like Official Information, Personnel Information, Present Address   and Emergency Contact Address   

  1. Dependants

Login users Dependants details mapped in the system can be viewed in this page.

  1. Contact Details

All contact details provided in the personnel information contact details will be shown as read-only information in this form.

  1. Documents -> Document Details

Login user can view the document details of self or dependants thru this page.

Click below link to view Personnel  Video:


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