What are the main stages in monthly payroll process? RP-20274


The main stages of monthly Payroll Process are:

  1. Master Save 
    • Payroll employees master data and payroll settings are getting saved for that months payroll process
  2. Get Timesheets
    • Payroll employees approved timesheets are taken for payroll process and timesheet not required employees timesheets auto generated based on shift after checking the leave and business travel. Dummy hours as per shift will be taken for the date after cutoff date and up to payroll end date. 
  3. Select Feeds
    • Lists previously generated payroll feed entries and these entries can be selected to include in payroll process 
  4. Initial Payroll Generate for Checking
    • Generates the employee level payroll for checking based on employee save master data, timesheet and selected feed entries
  5. Payroll Transaction Adjustments
    • Provides the facility to make manual adjustment for the generated payroll data
  6. Submit Payroll
    • Provides the facility to Submit or Approve the previously generated payroll and adjustment made payroll for Disbursement
  7. Disbursement Payroll
    • Provides the facility to disburse the processed payroll through Bank/Cheque/Cash
  8. Non Disbursement Payroll
    • For non disbursed payroll process actual timesheet has to be processed for the dummy hours taken days and for the difference day’s amount is calculated and saved
  9. Finalization
    • If there is any difference of disbursed and non disbursed payroll then a feed for next payroll period against each employee will be generated. All process stages of the active period will be completed by this process and next payroll period will automatically set active.

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