What is Disburse and Non Disburse process in payroll? RP-20273


Some companies pay the Payroll Salary at the end of the month before receiving the actual timesheets of employees from payroll start date to payroll end date. So Dummy Timesheets based on shift hours are taken during payroll process for the date after cutoff date up to end date.

To handle this there are two stages in payroll, they are Payroll Disbursement and Payroll Non Disbursement. 

Disburse Payroll Process

  • In Disbursed payroll process stage dummy hours will be taken for the date after cutoff date and up to payroll end date. And actual timesheet entered are taken between the payroll period start date to cut off date.

 Non Disbursed Payroll Process

  • Before Non Disbursed payroll process actual timesheet has to be entered or processed for the dummy hours taken days. And during Non Disbursed Payroll process stage it compares the dummy hours taken timesheets with actual and for the difference day’s amount will be calculated.

Finalization Payroll Process 

  • During Finalization Process stage the difference amount is forwarded as Previous Month feed in next payroll period.

If Payroll End Date and Cut Off Date are different then the Non disbursed Payroll process stage should run only after the Payroll End Date, so the actual timesheet should be entered (if timesheet required) for the days between cutoff date and payroll end date.

If Cut Off date and Payroll End Date are same then no difference feed generated in Non Disbursement Payroll stage, during Disburse Payroll stage itself all days actual timesheets will be taken for payroll process.



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