What is the Scenario of Service Desk ticket management? RP-20324

Service Desk  
  1. Create New Ticket
  • Request Types
    • Problems/Items
      • Users can create ticket for any type defined master settings
      • If the request selected is Approval required type then a notification will be send to the HOD/IS of the requestor.
      • The ticket allocated member can also request for further approvals if required by selecting the approval required employee
      • There are facility for Approval required types to manage the Asset, so the asset items can be added or asset item can be allocated to employee
    • Change Request
      • Can create ticket for the change request like Application Change, Enhancements, etc
    • Others
      • Any other type of Service Desk ticket
  1. Withdraw ticket or Add additional Information
  • Requestor can edit the ticket from 'My Service Desk Tickets' page and do the below tasks:
    • Withdraw the ticket
      • Requestor can withdraw his ticket by choosing this option
    • Add additional Information
      • Requestor can add additional information related to the ticket through this option. Newly added additional informations will added to the ticket history grid.
  1. Respective Problem Supervisor will get the Notification and the permitted Support Team also will get Notification
  2. Once the Notification is received, it can be Allocated by:
  • Supervisor can Allocate the Ticket to:
    • Team
    • Self
    • Team Member
  • Support Team Member can Allocate the Ticket to:
    • Self
  1. If Allocated to Team
  • All the Team Member will get the notification
  • Any team member can self allocate the ticket
  1. If Allocated To Self
  • Supervisor can self allocate the ticket
  1. If assigned to Team Member
  • Team member gets notification
  1. Allocated Member can do the below actions
  • Change Status: Completed, On-hold, In-progress
  • Change Priority: Low, Medium, High
  • Release: Has to do another priority job, Going on Leave, Need support of another staff
    •  During this the Status gets changed to ‘Pending’. So any other team member can Self assign this ticket
  1. Approval required problems 
  • When a ticket creates under the approval required type problems / item categories then automatically a notification goes to the HOD/IS of the requestor to approve the request. The Approval status will be displayed in the ticket details and if further approval required then the ticket allocated user/supervisor can request for next approval of any employee from the ‘Approval History’ link.
  • The requested Item can be added to stock and assign to the requestor thru the ‘Item Allocation’ link.
  1. When the Status is completed, ticket treat as Completed/Closed
  2. Requestor can Re-open the tickets
  3. Requestor can Cancel the ticket
  4. Supervisor can directly update the status of the tickets before it is completed

Click below link to view create Scenario of Service Desk Ticket management Video:


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