What is the significance of Cut Off date in Payroll Period? RP-20272


Some companies pay the Payroll Salary at the end of the month before receiving employees actual timesheets from payroll start date to payroll end date. To manage this in the application we use Cut Off date in payroll period.

Each Payroll period has 3 date's and they are:

  1. Start Date -> The start date of the payroll period
  2. Cut Off Daye -> The date up to which actual timesheets are taken for disburse payroll process
  3. End Date -> The end date of the payroll period

Dummy Timesheets based on shift hours are taken during payroll process for the date after cutoff date up to end date. The actual timesheets are processed (the dummy hours taken date's) during the Payroll process of Non Disbursement Stage. And if any difference in timesheet then during Finalization a feed is created for next payroll period.

Refer the article 'What is Disburse and Non Disburse process in payroll' to know when the actual timesheets are processed for the dummy timesheet days.


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