What are the functionalities available under Workflow menu? RP-20305

Employee Self Service  

The list of activities which can be accessed by log in user from the ESS module are:

Employee Self Services -> Workflow

  1. Worklist
  2. New Request
  3. Track My Request
  4. Received Workflows
  1. Worklist

User can view all the in-progress / active tasks to be done by the login user in all processes using this form. He will be the actual task owner of those particular tasks. He needs to review the tasks and complete it in time in order for the process to move to next task.

  1. New Request

User can initiate a new process of any permitted workflows assigned to the log in user.

  1. Track My Request

User can track the current status of his initiated process at any point of time in this form. Or can withdraw the permitted workflows.
User can search processes with completed, in progress, etc status. He can even search workflow model wise, requested for self or others, etc.

  1. Received Workflows

User can view the status of all processes in which the user was also a task owner of one or more tasks. Those received processes status can be reviewed under this form by the user

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